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2020, a year to be forgotten .. or remembered?

 Hello everyone, We are coming to the end of one of the strangest years ever. The whole world has been in the grip of the corona virus, Covid19, all year. We have lived with daily reports of death tolls and the sad testimony of lives ruined, people dying without being able to see their loved ones, businesses closing, people without work and many without hope. People have dealt with the situation in many different ways. Some are so fearful of spreading the virus that they feel uncomfortable without a mask over their faces, while others rant about how unnecessary masks are and make a fuss about wearing one. You can see my mask in my hand .. I whisked it off for the photo! In the first wave and period of lockdown everyone lauded the medical staff putting their lives on the line for us and most people were careful in their daily lives. Then we had the relative freedom of the summer where a lot of people thought they could go back to the way they usually live and as a consequence we had t

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